Backstory of the waffle

It all started with a dream. Wait, no, no, it all started with a conversation in #e a long time ago. You see, WonkoDSane was leaving for waffle house. And my insatiable desire to have waffles was sparked. You see, we have no waffle house here in West Lafayette, IN. For a week I went on about waffles, and my desire and need to have them. Finally, my roomate decided to buy a waffle iron to shut me the hell up. So, we made waffles, we had Orange Juice and Champagne, and syrup of all sorts. And we had a few people over. Yes, this is where the story begins.

We had several of these little waffle gatherings, small, with our friends or whatnot. At some point down the road in May actually. We (myself and brainwave) decided, school had just gotten out, I had just been fired from a fairly lucrative job. We should go to Nashville and have waffles with WonkoDSane. So, we fired up the old e2 messenger and shot a message to both he and Bitca. And a few days later off we went, south of the Mason-Dixon where there are an abundance of waffle houses.

After this little jaunt to the south I forgot about waffles for a while, I was busy doing nothing, and doing some more of nothing. But July rolled around and July meant hot damn 2. This was an event not to be missed, so again, we pack up the ole Saturn and head east. The morning after we got there, there is a run to Waffle house. Well, never one to pass up a chance for a waffle I go. Now this was the last time I had waffles. Until last night.

Backstory of the LAWG

You may not know it, but we have a fair number of noders here in West Lafayette. Being a college town for an engineering school, it's not too surprising. Most of us are imported. At some point Wuukiee and I were talking about local noders, she knew of a few, I knew of a few more. And it naturally came to, "we need to meet these people". So it was decided. I set a date, then changed the date, then changed the date again, then /msg'd some more people. Then, we set a permenant date. It was, well, it was sometime in the fall I don't know. After setting this whole thing up using individual messages and AIM I got the idea (or maybe it was wuukiee neither of us can remember) to set up a user group.

On the eve of or original meeting, an excursion to have sushi We had a user group. We are the LAWG (but don't ask me what it stands for I'm not sure). We got together that first time, not everyone in town made it, but we all got along quite splendidly. We had a few other little gatherings. One when Strong_Bow79 and gwenllian came to town, another just random get-to-gether, then a few weeks back when dann was supposed to roll through town. Which places us conveniently, at my story.

The Story you came to read

Well during these previous gatherings we'd had I'd talked about "we have to have you guys over for waffles some time". And, "Some day we'll do this whole gig at my house" Well, our place is a lot larger than Wuukiee's and we have several different rooms (library, kitchen, Entertainment room), and, it's really quite a decent place to hold a party. Well, at the last gathering we had I said, "that's it, I'm done Saying I'm going to do it, We're going to do it." Or some variant there of. So I said, "dead week or Finals week?" we chose the Friday after dead week, which is really just a fancy term for the week before finals.

The time drew near, and the days started getting cold. And I sent out a message. Friday, December 6, 2002 18:00. Here, Waffles, fondue. There was more to it than that, but you get the idea. not one to leave well enough alone I dug up all of their AIM s/n's and their e-mail addresses. I made sure everyone was constantly updated and in the know. I was a bit of a control freak, but that's okay. Everyone was to contribute SOMETHING, whatever it was however small.

I went shopping and got everything I thought I needed aside from what I had assigned to be brought, I found a fondue recipe (which I'll revise next time I make it) and I ensured everyone had a way to get here. Well, I thought I did anyway. See, I assigned this task to mcc so it's all his fault, blame him. I expect one of his enterage to tell that story. End all, they were 2½ hours late and I started getting stressed. (and brainwave put in his newly acquired My So-Called Life DVDs But They all made it here. Now, let me give you a roster of our little party.

  • At the top there was me CzarKhan
  • Then there's my housemate Brainwave
  • Brad, one of our non e2 friends
  • Then the Rein bearer of the LAWG Wuukiee
  • And the driver of all people living on campus mcc
  • The master of the macintosh PMDboi
  • The bright shining new face of evadyne
  • the slightly quirky and be-webcamed s_alanet
  • a little later came one of brad and brainwave's friends Terry (whom I am informed dislikes me)
  • and last, and here for the shortest time burnboy

I'd met all of these folks but evadyne previous to this little get together. I drove to Boston with Burnboy, And the others had attended our various other get-togethers, but this is the first time they'd all been in the same place at the same time. There were a few of the usual, I'm X, and you would be?... And that, After everyone arrived, I began to make the fondue.

Okay, Now, remember how everyone was to bring something? Well, they got to the house and they were all carrying several bags of things, they'd brought Champagne, and Orange Juice, Chocolates, cashews, beer, fresh fruits, all manner of things coming in so hard that I was proud to be a part of this family we call e2.

I made my fondue, brainwave made his waffles, much dipping of fruit, bits of cake, oatmeal-craison cookies was done. Compliments were made, alcohol was consumed (some by minors, but none of them drove and I don't believe in that law). And i became slightly tipsy, relaxed a lot, changed shirts three times, ate some fondue, ate some fruit, and some cake, had a few beers, several mimosas, and a huge screwdriver. and was feelin' fine.

We all chatted quite a bit then moved into the library to read from the if... books. and be caught by the webcam. I got the best seat in the house right between wuukiee and evadyne, two quite attractive women if I must say so myself. Things slowly wound down, burnboy left kinda early, Then Brad and Terry filtered out. After a while mcc, wuukiee, and S_alanet made their way out the door. The four of us chatted a bit more then made our way to watch Lola Rennt.

all in all, it turned our pretty well. We now have a slightly messy kitchen that I get to clean up. Some new friends, and a promise to do this again. I promise I'm going to try to get you guys together at least once a month from this point forward.

Oh, an you know, it's the damnedest thing
I didn't even eat a fuckin' waffle!