Marijuana is rare in that its danger is not only a danger, but indeed its primary appeal. Consuming THC leads to a sense of well being and philosophical connection with the universe as a whole. This state of near-Zen is consuming and incomparable. While in this state one has transcended even the meaning of answers to questions; the uneducated can often sufficiently tackle complex philosophical matters, and an educated person becomes an instant master of thought-fu.

The danger is this: All the time when one is stoned there is the lingering feeling that there is another level of awareness beyond reach, a state of one-ness so close to perfection as to be god-like. It is difficult to turn one's back on this, and too often one's life can be consumed, trying to reach this perfect state (or high, whichever term you prefer). One forsakes job and friends, reaching for heavier chemicals, building addictions and dependancies, spending thousands of dollars per year on one's habits.

To those who would say, "marijuana is not addictive" I point out that any sensory experience can be addictive, even voicing one's opinions in exchange for 'experience points'. Marijuana is no different in this way from religion, violence, video games, heroin, the stock exchange, science, or gambling.

This plague must be quelled! place higher sanctions on the use and traffic of marijuana.

After reading this over I feel that I ought to add that I wrote it in satire, and still mean for it to be read as such.