The brothers Arkadi Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky. Authors of several some science fiction novels and short stories and leaders amongst 'Soviet science fiction'. Probably best known as authors of the movie Stalker (directed by Andrei Tarkovsky), based on their novel "The Roadside Picnic". A more recent film inspired by one of their novels is Hard to Be a God (1989).

Their style is unique, maybe only comparable to Theodore Sturgeon; it is oftens based on the rich culture of Russian fairy tales. They wrote every single piece as a team (at least they signed it as such.)

Arkadi Strugatsky was born 28 August 1925 in Batumi, Soviet Georgia, now Republic of Georgia and died 12 October 1991.

Boris Strugatsky was born 15 April 1933 in Leningrad, Soviet Union, now St. Petersburg, Russia, and is still alive and kicking.

In 1985 a newly discovered, small planet 3054 was named "Strugatskia" = 1977 RE 7.

Notable works:

  • "The Roadside Picnic": Best sci-fi book of the year 1977 in the USA, in Sweden 1979. Best foreign sci-fi book France 1981. After that the authors became honourable members of the "Mark Twain Society" (USA) with formulation "for the outstanding contribution in world sci-fi literature".
  • "The Snow Queen", Hugo Award winner
  • "World's End", a sequel to "The Snow Queen"
  • "Definitely Maybe": 1978 the new established "Fant" fan award in Russia for "Definitely Maybe".
  • "Beetle in the Anthill": 1980 "Fant Award" for the best russian sci-fi novel and 1981 another award as best sci-fi book of the two last years.
  • "Waves extinguish the Wind": won 1988 a local award from the club "Alkor" sci-fi Lovers (Omsk) for the best book 1986.
  • "Time of Rain" (aka "Ugly Swans"): won 1989 a local award from the club "Alkor" sci-fi Lovers (Omsk) for the best book 1987.
  • "Snail on the Slope".
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