Now that young Mr. Räikkönen has started to race for the McLaren racing team (As of the 2002 season), he has skyrocketed to fame in countries other than Finland.

For example, in Germany, the home of the Mercedes McLaren engine, Kimi has been received as a near-mute Finn whose answers to press questions are quite limited; indeed, according to the German press there are select few words the driver chooses to pronounce:

"I like the car."
"I don't know."

Verbal talent at its highest.

Clearly, this apparent lack of desire to speak cannot be attributed to a problem in the young man's personality. However, it is interesting to note that Räikkönen's responses to the Finnish press also follow the form shown above, coupled with incomprehensible muttering and a strange, creaking sound I personally call "narina". (Literally, creaking.)

Thinking back to Mika Häkkinen's early days in Formula 1 racing, this is almost expected. It can only be hoped that Kimi Räikkönen gains a bit of self-confidence and public speaking skills in the near future.