Daddy is what I call my daddy. Sound useless? Well, yes, but let me clarify. I have 3 fathers. Impossible? I know. Again, give me a chance. My mom was married when I was born. Fairly normal. Here's the twist. Her husband is not my biological father. That's another person entirely. So, she and Jerry (her first husband, my formerly-legal-father) got divorced. I don't remember this. Then she got married again. I do remember this, I was about four and a half. This man, Jack, is my daddy. He is the one who raised me, who was there for me, who told me bedtime stories.. he's my daddy. The reason I make this clarification is that he wasn't my legal father until I was 8, and he isn't my biological father. I know my biological father (my father), and we're friends, but he's not my daddy. My formerly-legal-father.. well, I don't like him at all, but that's another story.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that "daddy" doesn't always mean someone who had anything to do with your creation. It's someone who supported you, and acted as a true father.