fate and lady luck had a baby named disaster
and let him run the world
while they stayed in bed at nights
and ate matzoh ball soup and
drank raspberry seltzer.

sometimes i can hear this kid whispering
in my ear and telling me with
a snide kind of voice all the things
he's going to love doing to me.

because, you see, he's got his daddy's face
and his mommy's eyes
he's got uncle mayhem's grip and
mother nature's sense of irony.

it's funny for him and i like to play along
but sometimes he goes too far and
on nights like those i sit in the
bar drinking for dinner and talk about
cause and effect

how this leads to that but not always
and sometimes things go awry

and disaster at the booth
watches with his daddy's grin
orders the check and finishes his
gin and tonic,
tips well,
moves on.

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