I got a job at Liebert Feb. 14 of 2000 in Worthington Oh. starting out as a low tonnage hydraulic press break operator...I bend metal. One of the first steps in making a Liebert system. I receive a piece of metal that has been cut, punched and notched in accordance with a blue print. My job is to fold that metal into a desired shape also in accordance with a blue print. From there the metal can go to heli-arc, spot-weld, assembly, paint or any combination of steps where it would then be attached to the system in another department.

update May 18, 2001

Liebert is not doin' too well... My first year, everything was going wonderfully. Mostly due to good timing I became rather respected real quick. I learned things at a faster rate than I ever have, and they were looking for people to cross-train. I learned 14 different machines or operations making me the utility man of third shift... anything they needed done I could do myself or fill in for someone who could. I saved several managerial asses more times than I can count. In February 2001 we hit record sales for a week, and the next week it was cut in half. With bankruptcies and damaged business there were several cancellations, followed by a flood of slightly used technical equipment on the market at one-tenth the cost. I'm still there after three layoffs and one involuntary department change to weld shop, and now third shift is being almost entirely wiped out... I will be moved to second shift and maybe another department in the very near future. I have, fortunately, learned enough about the business that if I get laid off, I can likely find another job when this recession breaks... if or until that happens I will stay and continue to worry myself sick.