The aim of the Cheesecake Challenge is to legitimately work the word "cheesecake" into as many of your exam scripts as possible.

Major public exams, such as GCSEs or A-Levels or SATs, are always such a drag. Boring, lengthy, stressful. How can you relieve your tensions during the exam without bothering your fellow examinees? Simple. Amuse yourself, by taking up the Cheesecake Challenge.

Obviously, it's easier in some exam subjects than others. History? "Let them eat cheesecake." Mathematics? "Consider a circular object (such as a cheesecake)." Biology? "Sugary foods, such as cheesecakes..." You get the idea. Be creative and there's no limit to how many scripts you can score on. In Philosophy you might even be able to get away with simply writing the word "Cheesecake" as your entire answer, depending on how philosophically-minded the examiner is. "'Cheesecake'... that's deep." For art? Consider attempting to pass off a single genuine cheesecake as one of your pieces of work.

A few extra rules: just writing the word "cheesecake" in some unnoticed corner of your script or on the back page doesn't count. "Cheesecake" must form part of your answer to a question. Also, only do it once per exam. Any more than once, and the examiner might catch on and take off marks. Or you might end up devoting more time to the Challenge than actually answering questions, thereby losing more marks.

Words other than "cheesecake" are perfectly acceptable provided that they are exotic enough to present a challenge. Other suggestions include "jellyfish", "turquoise", "lugubrious" and "Everything2".