First introduced in 1996, the Type R class of Honda is race-tuned right off the factory floor -- special lightweight parts, more aerodynamic skirts, flares and wings, the VTEC-assisted, hand-built Type R engine, and slightly more horsepower than their stock counterparts -- however, Type R cars are not much more powerful than those aforementioned counterparts. Despite this, they still have a very large following among racers, mechanics, and almost any Japanese import enthusiast, simply due to the fact that they are hard to come by -- they're actually quite rare in America, so the chance to see one is a real treat.

The Type R is typically employed in the Honda Civic (under the Si & SiR names), the Honda/Acura Integra, the Honda Accord, the Honda Vamos, and the Honda/Acura NSX. Many ricers tend to place Type R badges on their ricemobiles, proclaiming it to be a high-rider among the street racing crowd. If you ever see the distinctive red "R" sticker on someone's Eclipse, you are entitled to scoff, and feel wise in the ways of rice.