Critical Node Lauch Window

I would agree with both artfuldodger and uberfetus as to the criticality of node launch time. Especially, since I am in timezone +0800 when I rarely see noders more than 30 fellow noders during waking hours.

I had hopes for (Don't diplay in "New Writeups") when it first appeared. But after deeper scrutiny, I believe it would only help prevent some of my more controversial nodes being displayed on New Writeups and attracting - votes from noders with too high a standard for my ability. And leave it to be found on ENN by noders with perhaps a more receptive state of mind, since they actively searched for the new nodes.

Perhaps if that pick box should say (Display in "New Writeups"). Then we can node and update until we are satisfied with our writeup than only click on that pick box to advertise it on New Writeups. I'll think about this some more before sending to Suggestions for E2.

Make Sure Your Writeups are Good

If you do get your writups in the critical node launch window make sure your writeups have titles that are good, very clear and the writeups show that a lot of thought or effort have gone into them. You certainly have a bigger and more critical audience at that time.

For example, my recent writeup Who Loves Datagirl the Most? gets to -3 almost immediately, but the followup Who Cools Datagirl the Most? gets to 3 in almost the same time. I thought both are about the same good quality. I may have got a more critical audience for the former.

You can't Get the Good Times all the Time

So you could show more ways of Cooling Old Writeups or Cool Old Nodes to the rest of Everythingians. I've written some in How do I Find or Search for Cool Old Nodes?.

Good example of hard linking to your own nodes that were overlooked, huh?