Ok, typically I don't write down my dreams because I wake up with a bit of knowledge about the previous nights dream just about every day. But, I do a lot of roleplaying, and a lot of times my dreams make it into my gaming sessions. Well, this particular one would be hard pressed to make it into a gaming session, but it was odd enough that I felt like recording it ... And I suppose that the Dream Logs are a place for you to be a bit self-indulgent. And this had such a The Call of Cthulhu feel to it that it amuses me. (And as odd as this dream is, it's not even the oddest of my dreams.)

The dream began with me trekking through a foreign landscape. I wasn't positive where I was, since it wasn't too different from home. There were huts, and a dirt road. I went to the middle of town to the largest building where I heard music.

I walked in and I saw a lot of people, at first I didn't notice that they were all "different from me" since I was focused on the performer. In the middle of a stage was someone playing a piano. I recognized the tune, and I blurted out the composer. I'm not sure what name I blurted out, since I actually have very little regognition of classical music.

The performer looked up and said, "Well well! Christians!" I then looked around and saw that all the people around me were alien looking. I'm not saying different skin tone or hair color, I'm talking different shapes. Also at this point, I notice that I'm with a group of other people. I never really even noticed how many were with me.

At this point, he shouts out, "Well how about Ascenders and Descenders" ... And I also regognize this "tune." And the lot of us dance, but I still can feel something sinister about the "people" around me.

After the dancing to odd tunes that I somehow regognized, I talked one-on-one to the musician. I asked him why he was in this alien land. He told me, "For the babies" and slid a counter from one side of a line to another (like the type you find in a pool hall). "Can't eat babies back home." He laughs heartily at which time I notice his teeth are filed to points.

My alarm clock goes off at that point. I have a hard time waking up in the morning to my alarm clock, but I got up at 7am just fine this morning. Just odd.