He lived on an island with his pet canary. He wanted to see how big it was, so he took pictures of its empty cage.

The deleted wu starts off as a suspenseful tale involving vegetables (as the characters, not the subject matter), then turns into vegetable-themed advice on noding. An editor has nuked it and posted a wu explaining in great detail why they thought it was lame, going so far as to include the whole of the original write-up.

I walk into the airport and hand my passport over to the passport control guys. We chat.

"No, I thought you collected them..."

I continue on to the metal detector; the officers there let me through. As I'm walking, I see a large butcher knife. I grab it and head back towards the metal detectors, holding the knife to one side so the security people can't see it.

In the restaurant that has appeared on the other side, I find a lady who has an even bigger knife, for some food-related purpose.

"Were you aware," I challenge, "that there's a giant knife here?"

She nods and looks expectant. I had been planning to point out that I had walked straight through security with it but decided this would be more trouble than it was worth. I leave the knife on a couch, make a "that's all" sign, and head back once again.

Now there's a security man in a bizarre yellow spinning-walking vehicle. A family passes through one of the two metal detectors. One of the children sets it off. "Hey!" says the officer, but he can't do anything, trapped as he is in his contraption. I pass through the second detector, and set it off. I wait for the officer to come search me, pleased to be so much more considerate than the boy.

The spinning vehicle crashes into a metal arm that had been loading baggage into my plane. My flightmates and I hope our backpacks have already got on board.

As we rush to the plane the door is already closing. We start banging on it.

"Rutabaga! Rutabaga!" I yell.

Someone else in the crowd completes the chant: "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!"

This chant, I think by way of self-narration, is well-known to all viewers of Veggie Tales.

And we all stand there yelling "Rutabaga, rutabaga, cheese cheese cheese!" until they open the door.

thanks to caknuck for correcting my spelling :)