Walthamstow Central is the main bus, "overground" railway and London Underground station in Walthamstow, East London. The Underground (tube) station is the northernmost terminus of the Victoria Line and the overground station is on the Chingford branch of WAGN Railways.

Here are a few tips for travellers who pass through it:

  • The main ticket hall is on the northern (towards Chingford) side of the overground railway station with three staffed ticket windows and half-a-dozen ticket machines. You can buy travelcards and some Underground tickets from the machines as well as overground tickets. There is a smaller ticket hall on the southern (towards London Liverpool Street) side but the windows are often only staffed in the morning peak and the two ticket machines are often broken. There is a ticket window (but no machines) in the Underground station that sells tube tickets only and is frequently closed due to technical problems.

  • On the first working day of the week, and especially of the month, the ticket hall is like the tenth circle of hell as half the commuting population of Walthamstow tries to renew their travelcard. However, two minutes' walk away on the corner of Hoe Street and the High Street, there is a small tobacconist that sells travelcards and never has a queue. However, they only take cash, not plastic.

  • To get between the two platforms of the railway station there is a subway which also contains the entrance to the Underground station. If the tube station is closed for any reason, often the subway is closed too, in which case to get between the platforms travellers must leave the station and cross the line by the road bridge just to the east of the station. This is also the only method for wheelchair users to cross the line, the subway having stairs and no alternative access. There is no wheelchair access to the tube station.

  • When using the Underground from Walthamstow Central, there is almost always at least one underground train that has just terminated and which will be returning southbound shortly. If there are two trains on the platforms, the "Next train" indicator is usually reliable as to which will leave first. If there is any conflict between the "Next train" indicator and the destination indicator above it (if it ever gets fixed) then follow the "Next train" indicator.

  • In the unusual event that there are no trains at either platform, usually the "Next train" indicator is correct, but not always. If no "Next train" is shown, then more often than not the next train will come into the left-hand platform. Walk a little down the platform and wait by one of the cross-passages in case the train comes in on the other platform.

  • When a train is on the platform and is indicated as being the next to depart, it is not always necessary to jump straight on in case the train suddenly closes its doors and leaves. At the far end of the platform there is a signal that tells the train operator when the train is cleared to leave. While that signal is red the train cannot leave, and so it is possible to walk down the train in search of a seat. Only when the signal goes green is the train likely to leave.

  • When returning to Walthamstow Central, not all Victoria Line trains travel there. Approximately one in every three terminate four stops earlier at Seven Sisters. Be aware that the platform indicators often lie. If the front of the train says it terminates at Walthamstow Central, it usually will, even if the platform indicator says differently. However, it's not unknown for a train that claims to be terminating at Walthamstow Central to actually terminate without warning at Seven Sisters instead. You can tell that this is going to happen if the train enters Seven Sisters with the platform on the left-hand side.

  • Occasionally Walthamstow Central tube station gets closed for some reason or another. When this happens it's worth knowing about the "Goblin" (Gospel Oak to Barking "overground" line) which stops at South Tottenham(five minutes' walk from Seven Sisters), Blackhorse Road on the Victoria Line and Walthamstow Queen's Road, about five minutes' walk fromWalthamstow Central. Trains run about once every 30 minutes.

  • The guys in the paper and sweet kiosk are friendly and remember their regulars' preferred papers.

  • The ticket touts are very annoying but can be safely ignored.