Selling drugs, particularly hard drugs is a good way to get killed. A fellow I went to school with (His mom was one of my junior high teachers, in fact) was recently found, along with another unfortunate young man, locked in the trunk of an automobile in a church cemetary. He had been dead a couple of weeks. He had to be identified by his dental records due to the putrefaction which naturally occurs to bodies in the southern summer.

He'd had his throat slit, he had been shot in the back of the head, and his penis had been cut off and put in his mouth. He was 27, and his friend was 19. Now, I don't really feel much sympathy for him, as he has been in the dope game since he was a teenager, but I do feel for his mother, who, I'm sure, tried to keep him out of trouble and is now grieving his violent death. Drug dealer is not a very good long term occupation. It's not even worth it in the short term