The Shaft's official name is the "Kessler campanile", named after some alumnus who gave lots of money to Georgia Tech in 1996.

The Shaft is 80 feet tall, and 10 feet wide at the base. The top 10 feet are made of five sharp points. Imagine the Washington Monument grabbed by the top and given a quarter-turn.

Like other campaniles, it plays songs, some appropriate, and some wildly inappropriate: there's the Georgia Tech fight song, but also Kermit the Frog and Elton John, played as tasteful bell arrangements via four speakers locaed in its base.

Incidentally, it is possible, by using an 8 foot helium balloon and four guidewires, each 100 feet in length, to place a 10-foot condom atop the Shaft. However, if this happens, there will be a cherry picker out to the scene within a few hours. The police report might look something like "Personal item left at campanile."

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