I'm unsure how it all began. But it ended that I was with two of my sisters, which two I don't know. They faded in and out, taking on different faces, even I didn't have my own face, but it was still me. First we were walking through this valley surrounded by two tall mountains. It reminded me somewhat like an amusement park. We were trying to get somewhere. Finally, we reached this waterfall that wasn't a waterfall at all, but rather a ton of sprinklers spraying water in random directions.

Something happened. We were back in a city. Damn, how were we going to make it there now? I went over to a friend's house. She was married to my ex boyfriend. He came home and was annoyed to see me there. We all went to sleep in the same bed and he began putting his arms all over me but I'd pretend I was asleep. He wouldn't stop, so I began reading a few magazines beside the bed. The first one was of April 2000. I put it aside and began reading another. "That's Feburary," he said. He was right. Feburary 2000. I had gone back in time.

It was sometime in the 1960s, and we finally made it onto a train, me and my two sisters. We would talk to those around us, telling them we were heading to Boston. We had been heading to Boston this whole time. We were in New York now and the train was so slow. My older sister kept wanting to go to the back of the train, but I had threatened a man and I wanted to keep away as far as possible, urging her to change her mind.

Finally, we were there. We came in for a landing. But we weren't on a plane. I got rid of them all together. We were on the ground. "Do you see it?" a woman asked. I was excited. I do see it! That's where Deborah lives, my other sister. But this is 1963, she doesn't live there now. I asked what the long green bridge was, I didn't remember ever seeing that. "You know, the big dig." Of course. We were finally there. Now we only had to get out of the parking lot.