Today a cold morning and a brilliant blue sunshine day. The first cold morning of the season it seemed to me.

Each day I think to myself, have I gone forwards or backwards? It is not as though life for me is a series of hurdles to overcome as at uni - once they are gone, a feeling of relief. At uni life was defined by the success of still being alive at the end of the university year! For me now life is a series of challenges, and the way I handle each one impacts on my life. A challenge can be overcome, an opportunity maximised. On the other hand, procrastination or failure to take things head on can have long term implications.

Sometimes failure (myopia)to see the result of your actions or the importance of a situation happens. Sometimes self doubt, or rather confidence in the likelihood of failure, gets in the way. Sometimes the urge to cope with your situation is greater than the urge to take action. I suppose these feelings are the same as I felt at uni, its just that life is now more complex, less threatening, but more serious.

Today I listened to Andy Thomas' description of the experience of launching a space shuttle. There is no doubt that that description remains with me as I think about what is about to happen in my life - I hope a period where my actions are positive, they are building a way forward.