At the end of a long day today lengthend by lack of sleep in the previous few days I began the task of reinstalling software onto my computer.

The machine is a PII 233 with 32 MB RAM, and I had reformatted the hard drive the previous night. For some reason I couldn't run the software installation setup program. The reason for this was that virus protection was enabled in the setup that is saved in the computer's hardware. Finally I was able to disable the virus protection and run the Win98 SE setup.

There's something nice about reinstalling an operating system. You get a nice clean deskstop to start messing up all over again. Hopefully, you have less things such as additional programs interfering and slowing the system down. There's also something insanely terrifying about it as well. For instance, once I had configured the dial up connection and the modem with the correct drivers, I dialled in. I soon realised that my dial up connection was dropping out quickly. Things were running slowly as well. Another thing which scared me was that a computer on the network running Norton Antivirus started detecting viruses and demanding that files be deleted. My computer was now bringing up a login prompt, when actually I would prefer it not to.

By 11.30pm, time to sleep and I was annoyed that things hadn't gone my way.