Z, the band, was formed in the early 90's by Dweezil Zappa and Ahmet Zappa with Zappa stalwarts Mike Keneally and Scott Thunes. Shampoohorn was released in 1994, and was loved by guitarists and some critics but was not promoted much at all. Music For Pets followed in 1996 to similar response.

Originally consisting of the Zappa brothers and some FZ alumni, the drummer seat was in a state of constant flux. While touring pre album, the tour drummer, Joe Travers became the official drummer, and personality conflicts determined that ultimately Zappa alum Thunes would not remain with the band. A friend of the drummer, Bryan Beller joined up and remained until the band imploded.

The band existed in a very difficult time in the Zappa family, as Frank Zappa was dying of cancer. This led to numerous delays in album releases and supporting tours, neither of which helped the promote the band. The excessive downtime resulted in bassists Beller and guitarist Keneally working up a side project that ultimately got them fired.

Reportedly, there are dozens of songs that were recorded during the many delays in album release that have yet to see the light of day. A special box set with a video and a CD of outtakes was (and probably still is) available through Barfko-Swill, the Zappa distribution arm. One legendary track, Purple Guitar, showed up on Dweezil's 2000 solo album Automatic. All of the Z players appear on Automatic.

Shampoohorn (1994)

Music for Pets (1996)