Z - Shampoohorn (1994) Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar, Lead and Background Voclas
Ahmet Zappa - Lead Vocals
Mike Kenealy - Guitar, Background Vocals
Scott Thunes - Bass on all but My Beef Mailbox and In My Mind
Bryan Beller - Bass on My Beef Mailbox and In My Mind
Joe Travers, Terry Bozzio, Tal Bergman, Morgan Agren, Toss Panos - Drums (probably not all at once)

Dweezil released several solo albums before he decided to form a proper band with the people he used most often on his albums. The result was Z. Shampoohorn is more consistent than his previous efforts, where he had a tendency to show off his ability to mimic the style of any other guitarist. On Shampoohorn he steps out on his own and his 'voice' is a compelling mix of solid hard rock with a tinge of his dad's experimentalism. Sophmoric humor permeates the album as one would expect from a Zappa, but there is a surprising amount of depth in songs like Loser and Jesus Clone.

  1. Singer in the Woods
  2. In My Mind
  3. Did I Mention It Was Huge
  4. Mommy
  5. Dreaming
  6. Rubberband
  7. Mountains on the Moon
  8. Lucky Jones
  9. Jesus Clone
  10. Loser
  11. Leviathan
  12. Kidz Cereal
  13. Doomed to Be Together
  14. My Beef Mailbox
  15. Them
  16. Shampoohorn
Note that My Beef Mailbox and In My Mind were not on the European release, which featured "What Went Wrong in the Real World" and "Bellybutton" instead. Having heard both CDs, I'd have dropped "Bellybutton" and "In My Mind" from both and only had one CD. My Beef Mailbox was played on Conan O'Brien to promote the album.