Beer exists in the mythical and worshipped region of my cognitive space. I am not alone. Many others do also hold the humble beer in reverance. They, along with myself, consume beer not only for it's intoxicating side-affects, but also for it's taste and above all its magical qualities.

It was for these reasons that I decided to incorporate beer into my flu recovery program. I had no doubts beer would aid my recovery. I am now in the fifth week of my flu. Luckily the beer has prevented my cold from getting worse. I now live in a steady flu-like holding pattern with beer by my side to ensure I do not slip into that abyss of greater flu-like symptoms, like death or missing limbs.

I live in fear that one day the beer will run out. Cease to exist. I think we live in a time of a great beer revival, with many more beers than we have ever seen before. Beers from lost continents, Beers of all colours, Beers of all tastes to delight the palate.

Without beer there would be no love. If there was no beer people would say "Where is the love?". I don't need to add that we would also have a lot more flus and epidemics. I know I have been saved by beer. God praise the beer