reQuest 2020: an E2 reVue

We're just waiting for the siren to signal we've finished the third quarter, so let's check the scores.

  • 21 participants have made 163 reQuests.
  • 12 participants have filled 57 reQuests.
  • The reQuest with the highest rep so far is Jet-Poop's writeup about underrated comic book writer Harvey Pekar.
  • The reQuest that made Nemosyn choke on her lunch is BookReader's exquisite homage to the world's worst poet William McGonagall, Song of Ceber 45: RAID.
  • andycyca is in the lead for the Rancid_Pickle Trophy for the most prolific reQuester with 9 writeups

When the clock ticks over to January 22, 2020 no more new reQuests will be accepted. This will give all participants time to fill all their reQuests before the end of the month. So if you have any last minute ideas for a great reQuest, /msg reQuest now!