I was standing in the 6th grade wing at Lone Hill Middle School, my old junior high school. My friend Jeremy was with me, and it was something to the effect of Open House. He started talking up a storm with an old teacher, and slowly everyone started going away.

I started walking toward the Multi-Purpose room. When I got there, I saw this middle aged overweight woman walking with two children about 10 years old, one boy and one girl. I walked over to her and she said something to me... I can't remember the words she said, exactly, but it was a reference to me and her oldest (my age) daughter. and I'm like "whaaa??" I had no idea who or what she was talking about.

I turned around, and theres this cute blonde girl standing there, like right up in my face. I asked "what's your name?" and she said "Irresistible" and tried to kiss me. I backed away, trying to remember if and where I had seen this person before. She had the look on her face of "why don't you remember me?"

That's all I can recall...

This is weird because I never remember dreams. It's also weird because I cannot place the girl's face with anyone.