The Sharp MT-77 is a Japanese domestic MiniDisc Player/Recorder. Now, before I start i'd just like to get these things out of the way.

The Sharp MT-77 and the Sharp MT-877 are identical, barring any small language changes.
The easiest way to tell if a Sharp unit is a Player or a Recorder is thus. A Recorder is always denoted with the prefix MT, where as a player is ST.

Back on track, as previously stated the Sharp MT-77 is indeed a MiniDisc recorder. It comes with a rechargableNiMh gumstick battery* good for ~12 hours. The unit features MDLP technology. It also has a remote with a backlight LCD. It has three levels of bass, and cranked to max volume is quite loud. It also has a nice 2 line display, unfortunately the first line will always be the name of the minidisc. It comes with a little screw on case that allows an AA battery to be attached, further increasing its life to ~36 hours. You can get yours from a variety of sources. Imported from Japan. Californian place. Canadian outfit.

* While the gumstick battery is used in pretty much every MiniDisc unit. Trying to find one in Alberta is insanely hard.