Sony's 10th anniversary MiniDisc player, the MZ-E10 is the veritable cat's pyjamas. Now the flagship model in the MD player range (usurping the E909). Released in September, 2002, it achieves new world firsts in size and weight. It's the world's thinnest (10mm) and lightest (55g with battery) MiniDisc player as of September 2, 2002.

New features include:

  • new ATRAC1 Type-S DSP (which combines the ATRAC1 Type-R encoder and new improvements to the ATRAC3 decoder for improved playback of MDLP recordings)
  • world's thinnest (10mm) and lightest (55g with battery) MiniDisc player as of September 2, 2002
  • New optical pickup and motor (30% thinner) and miniaturized main IC (33% smaller)
  • charge stand has 3-light LED indicating charge or remaining battery
  • new 3mm headphone adaptor (requires adaptor to use normal headphones)1
  • internal 3mm Lithium Ion cell
  • backlit remote with 2-line display for Roman characters and 1-line for Kanji
  • Virtual Headphone Technology Acoustic Engine that uses DSP to simulate "Studio", "Club", "Live" or "Arena" settings
  • 6-band graphic equalizer
  • "Bookmark" function stores up to 20 favourite tracks from an MD and can play only those next time you put in the disc


  • DSP: ATRAC1 Type-S
  • Size (LWH): 81.9/72.2/9.9mm
  • Weight: 55g including battery

Battery Life:

  • Internal LiIon cell: 29/35/40 (SP/LP2/LP4 playback)

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1. That used to piss me off about the early Sony series with remote control. When the earphones gave out (as they eventually did - although not after at least a couple of years so good on ya Sony for durability), I couldn't plug in another set without specially ordering them - at cost - or forgoing the remote control. And now they're bringing it back. The bastards.

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