Perhaps this writeup should be under grain alcohol, as it is most certainly about grain alcohol. But I note that Everclear brand grain alcohol also has its own node (though it has to share it with a band).

Graves is, simply put, grain alcohol. Unlike beer, wine, or vodka, grain alcohol (here on out referred to merely as "grain"), is grain no matter who makes it. There really isn't that much of a difference.

Graves is available in Maryland at various liquor stores, large and small. I have never seen Everclear offered in a store (in may well be that I've simply never noticed), but most people I know who drink grain around here, drink Graves. I don't know where else Graves is available - if you have information about this, please /msg me.

Graves comes in a clear glass bottle, size 750 ml. It has a white label with blue print, listing the name (Graves Grain Alcohol), alcoholic content (190 proof), where it was distilled (in Maine), a large XXX symbol (seriously), and not much else. One funny thing about the label is that it has a strange, almost indecipherable design on it. Sometimes I think it's a cemetery, which makes sense: graves, get it? Also because it's a big bottle of powerful poison.

I have been unable to find a web site for Graves Grain Alcohol. Honestly, I doubt there is one. Searching on Google shortly before this writeup netted me exactly 2 links, both of which were recipes for drinks involving grain alcohol.

Good with: limeade, lemonade (with lots of lemon and less sugar than normal), Kool-Aid. Go for citrus flavors - cherry Kool-Aid plus grain alcohol equals NyQuil. It's no good for making Jello shots, unless you mix it, one part grain to two parts water. If you use too much alcohol, the Jello won't solidify, so you end up with a slimy mess that reeks of booze. Excellent if you want to get together with some of your shiftless friends and get loaded on the cheap.

DO NOT drink it straight. I tried it once, it was like my whole mouth was shot up with Novocaine.

dkb drops the knowledge: Graves is a brand of White Rock Distilling Co, I think they bought the formerly Cambridge Mass CH Graves Distilling Co, which had been in Boston for ages. (The pic may be a fuzzy view of old Boston).