This organization is not only known for its role in the providing of social services, but for its illicit, 70s bathhouse ambiance for gay men at the time. This was made celebrated and popular by the Village People's song YMCA.

Now, granted, the Village People are celebrating all the good things that the YMCA can do for your everyday Joe in terms of outreach and acting as a hostel but with closer inspection (and having a dirty mind doesn't hurt), the subtext for it being a notorious gay pick-up spot is there.

In fact, there existed a bathhouse cruising code of conduct / ettiquette that was borne of such places as the YMCA. Like, for example, if walking down the corridor of rooms that the guys would crash in, upon seeing an opened door and a naked man lying on his stomach, that meant he wanted to get fucked. If the opened door reveals a man on his back, exposing his genitalia, he wanted to get orally serviced.

Now, this could easily be dismissed as conjecture, but, come on.. this is the Village People. They were known for their tongue-in-cheek gay pop culture references in their songs. think about it: they also sang "In The Navy", "Macho, Macho Man", and "Cruisin'". If the same subtext appears over and over again, it's not coincidence. It's a theme.