Franklin University is based in Columbus, OH and is a private, nonprofit university. It has about 10,000 students worldwide. The third largest private college in Ohio, it has branch campuses in of Beavercreek, OH (a Dayton suburb), Castleton, IN (an Indianapolis suburb) and the Columbus suburbs of Dublin, Delaware, and Westerville. Franklin also has alliances that enable it to offer classes and degrees through many community colleges in Ohio and with several international institutions:

As one might guess from the institution names above, Franklin specializes in business education aimed at working adult learners and puts a great deal of effort into offering substantial, practical online education. All of its international courses are offered in English-only formats at present.

Franklin was founded in 1902 as the YMCA School of Commerce; it changed its name to Franklin University in 1933 and gained its independence from the Columbus YMCA in 1964. A few years later, it acquired its first building in downtown Columbus, and that site remains its central campus.



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