Goddard College is a small private college that specializes in low-residency undergraduate and graduate programs; this means that instead of living on campus (as is the traditional college education model), students pursue their degrees remotely and then come to campus twice a year for in-person workshops and to connect with their classmates and faculty mentors. Goddard's main campus is in Plainfield, Vermont and it has residency sites in Port Townsend, WA and Seattle, WA.

Currently, the college has about 115 faculty and 750 students, about two-thirds of whom are pursuing graduate degrees. The college has a strong interest in the arts and social justice, and those interests are reflected in its degree programs:

Undergraduate Studies

    BA in Education
    BA in Health Arts and Sciences
    BA in Individualized Studies
    BA in Sustainability
    BFA in Creative Writing
    BA/MA Fast Track in Psychology

Graduate Studies

    MA in Education
    MA in Health Arts and Sciences
    MA in Individualized Studies
    MA in Psychology and Counseling
    MA in Social Innovation and Sustainability
    MFA in Creative Writing
    MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts

Goddard was initially founded in 1863 as the as the Green Mountain Central Institute, a Universalist seminary. Later, the Institute was renamed the Goddard Seminary, and in 1938 it became Goddard College. In 1963, Evalyn Bates founded Goddard's Adult Degree Program and it became the first program of its kind in the U.S.



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