I've had two books out in the past five weeks.

My book Shooting Yourself in the Head For Fun And Profit was released by Post Mortem Press in late June. It's my first nonfiction collection, and some of the content will be familiar to noders. The big challenge with this book was re-writing everything so the book as a whole has a good flow. So far, people have been finding the book useful.

My story collection Soft Apocalypses was released by Raw Dog Screaming Press this past Friday at the Confluence convention in Pittsburgh. It was the best launch party I've had so far, and people consumed an entire pitcher of zombies. We brought apocalypse-themed board games like Zombies!!!, Elder Sign and Munchkin Apocalypse but people were too busy chatting to sit down and play. 

My next book after these two will be Devils' Field, the fourth novel in my Jessie Shimmer urban fantasy series. The novel had a successful Kickstarter campaign back in April. I'm pretty much the limiting factor on the book being released, since I haven't finished it yet; the aforementioned collections took up a fair bit of my time this year. But once it's done it'll be released by Alliteration Ink.

I lit a fire under myself with regard to getting it done, though. I've entered the Goddard College MFA program in creative writing, and my advisor agreed to let me write that novel as part of my creative thesis. If all goes well, I hope to have the manuscript done by early 2015 and so it should be out by mid-2015.

And yes, I still have a day job. And a part-time gig as an adjunct faculty member in the Seton Hill University MFA program. Most days, it works out fine; I only occasionally go into headless chicken mode.

But just in case you've been wondering why I've been a little scarce around here ... well, this is why!

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