Friday, April 26
1:33 PM
Miller, it's Carla.

Um, I just got the keys for "Davey Jones' Locker". Um, it is locker number four hundred twenty nine. Four-two-nine. None of the keys have this number on it because I had to make ten copies for us. So, uh, I'm in the middle of running a bunch of errands.. I'm going to be thinking about this but I wanted to recruit your creative brain power. Um, we need to come up with a riddle of some kind to get them the number "four twenty-nine". I don't want to give it to them - that would fuckin' suck!

Uh, so think of something clever. Also don't forget about making up an anagram of your phone number. And the last thing that I have to do with you is give you your instructions to leave your phone message later tonight. Um, so, you can give me a call by my cellphone, I should be home.. it's like 1:30 - I'll probably be home by 2:30.


An acual cellphone message as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the planning that went into the I'M GUNNA BE WICKED RETAHDED: Come for the scenery, stay for the BAP (another E2 nodah pahty) Scavenger Hunt.