You couldn't. What is the TIME? just couldn't know, just couldn't, just what is the TIME search know that darkness underground (what is the TIME) incredible candle i just couldn't light,you what? is the TIME, a stone moment in the far depth ( what is the TIME that i search for candles. what is the TIME (a dark stone monument) depth candle—you candle—incredible; Search. Rock. Rest. Moment. Moment. Depth. There, I, underground, just couldn't what is the TIME far underground, difficult to know the underground, the stone underground underground

drizzle, she sinks ( you would know that rain and would sink & would look hard to find pressure ) Blue, the only rain echo, pressure in the heavy drizzle, a Would that he would come to regret the only would that sinks , the drop (would) in pressure (i would) that would crush , that just a only drizzle depth would crush ) would (that slow) in the new depth be heavy ( in sheets ) , she here would ( white & billows ) that would that would that echo that would find would find that heavy , like you the drop in pressure

the what is the TIME call came & be, and i turn only to realize the bits turn slightly, only so slightly skyward—what is the TIME coming up for air ( in water falls ) coming up for air—do coming up for air you come up for air and i turn once, call once, "what is the TIME" once skyward, a-a-be Turn and i turn slightly skyward, & you're coming up for air and i turn and i turn (i would be falling) she falls once (a bit wispy) & occasionally sky be calling us, calling once "you wisp, you falls a bit," ( once it called us ) "but realize the turn that calls Coming Up For Air!," the air calls, "coming up for air to realize coming up for air and realize & Realize the fall from the sky i once called my skyward. It would be a bit like coming up for air empty." ( a call that a sky and i might turn slightly, what is the TIME? does the wisp empty

coming up for air (once underground) realize to a stone to she that would (mere) (merely) drizzle, moon, occasionally) (do (couldn't one) the know, (to (be far a blue the bit, the just can't find thrice & every just wall, the moment now, thought you'd wall turn falls just i (and turn (once between every) only blue, rain, the you called) stone little ) this the) slight (turn a blue, you once know what?) always fallen, and equally matched.