The legends surrounding Set are many, and even his description varies from the form of a serpent, an aardvark-headed man or even a greyhound. What he symbolizes is also a matter of some dispute, as some believe it is chaos, others claim outright evil, while many Egyptologists cling to the idea that he is the deity of iron. In many myths, Set is portrayed as the brother of Osiris, which in turn leads to the bizarre account of Set’s murder of his brother. Stories surrounding this fratricide range from the [intense[ to the mild, going so far as to speak of dismemberment and rape of the corpse of Osiris. Within the Book of the Dead, Set is said to be “the great northern sky”, responsible for cloudy skies and stormy weather. In the Book, is said to protect the sun god Re on his nightly voyage through the underworld. The cult of Set finds significance in the Desert Oryx, crocodile, boar, and hippopotamus, in that they are all destroyers of field and boat.