Angry Poisoned German Woman

I had a bizarre and vaguely disturbing dream. I'll note, as it will become relevant, that at the time of dreaming this, I was at school at Macalester College in Minnesota, rather than my home in Portland, OR.

At the beginning, I went to a bus stop to meet up with Ralph, who (in real life) had taught at my High School until one day he stormed out of school, declared that he was quitting, and that he was going to move to Mexico and become a Salesman. He ended up moving to Minneapolis rather than Mexico. So anyways, I go to this bus stop, and meet Ralph. There is snow on the ground. I talk with him for a while, but soon his presence becomes irrelevant in the dream. I'm standing there with some of my friends from Portland, and I'm standing at the bus stop one block from my home there in Portland. But there's still snow on the ground, and I still think I'm in St. Paul.

Around now I'm developing a certain anxiety. I am in a rush. I don't have my homework done. I need to be somewhere now but I have to get there first. Apparently that's why I'm at this bus stop, but I'm not really considering that in the dream.

So the bus comes. And it's one whack-ass bus. It's very long. It's shaped like a subway train, it looks like a train, but it's on rubber wheels, going down the street. And it's sort of swerving, but no one notices. It's blue and grey. It has a low floor.

I'm obsessed with public transportation. Yes, I dream about it in absurd detail. Yes, I think about it for fun. I collect transit maps from my travels, keep my tickets, and so on.... Anyway, back to the dream....

I think that by this point there may have been some of my friends from Minnesota mixed in with the Portlanders. The weird transit-mobile stops at the stop, and we get on. But then I realize that really I should be going in the opposite direction, and I knew this all along, and it's very stupid to get on this bus right now. But I do so anyway.

The next thing I remember, I'm in my old bedroom from several years ago, and the telephone rings. I answer it, and it's a very angry woman. She's speaking German (I am beginning to learn German this semester), and I somehow know she's calling from Germany. I don't know who she is. She asks me all these questions. She asks me who I am. She asks me what I want. I don't have answers.

Now is the part when you just start knowing things in the dream. I learn that I have been poisoning people. I learned that I poisoned the German woman who called me. I learn that I've been doing this to get out of doing my homework. (No, it doesn't make sense.) My mother and my girlfriend learn this too. My girlfriend is vaugely upset, and my mom is furious with me. I'm talking with her, but she's not yelling at me or chastising me or anything, it's just that I know she's angry at me.

And then the dream ends.