With a motto of "managed services, managed better," this huge conglomerate specilize in most everything workplace- and school-related, including: food service, facilities management (janitorial, scheduling, repair), uniform supply and cleaning, childcare, and groundskeeping (see Groundskeeper Willie.

Most people seem to have direct contact with Aramark predominately through food service, i.e. cafeterias. Aramark provides food to stadiums and other sports venues, schools, colleges, and even businesses. Food quality seems to vary widely based on location and contract terms. What does not vary, at least at the college level, is price -- Aramarkian delights are pricey and meal plans are often mandatory at institutions of higher learning.

In all fairness, its not just college students that don't like Aramark. Many of the employees feel the same way.

Of course, this wonderful company is just providing a service and people are paying for it and there are competitors, but in general I've never met an end user who has been satisfied with Aarmark, despite their extreme prevalance.

One of Aramark's chief suppliers, at least in my area, is SYSCO, meaing that anything not available for distribution via Sysco 55 gallon drums isn't available for consumption. And this seems to include real meat (We get a hamburger-like meat product with a ratio of 4 parts beef to 1 part soy. Yummy!)