A similar feeling plagues me after I eat, though time of day plays no determination. I seem to go in cycles where it will start to occur and persist for about a week or two and then vanish again for a month. It does not seem to be triggered by stress, sleeping or eating habits, nor anything else identifiable. I have never seen a doctor about it, perhaps I will someday if it starts to be more than a mild annoyance, but then, they never know what is up with me anyways. The feeling is one of queasiness and slight nausea. It has never induced me to throw up, it just verges on the edge unpleasantly. Generaly taking place 15 minutes after eating, and persisting for an hour. Regardless of the sick feeling, I eat anyways. It is unpleasant, but not severe enough to be a diversion. The nasty feeling is twisting about in my stomach at this moment.

When I was younger I came up with a word to describe the feeling (though it was a long time before I shared this phenomena with anyone), therein lies the story for my username.