Boy, I sure did need this weekend. I needed to dance my little ass off to the wonderful sounds of happy hardcore, I needed to roll, I needed for six blissful hours to believe that everything was okay, and that nothing could ever go wrong. Ever again.

Spree was playing in Springfield, MO, so me, Kimonade, our friend Mr. Grumpy Butt and his 'boy' hereafter referred to as "baby-girl" piled into Kim's little silver Jetta and took off. The drive was ever so much fun. Kim's little tape adapter for her portable CD player was totally out of commission (I'd told her that she's needed a new one for at least six months now, silly girl), so I drove myself nuts scanning for radio stations that didn't play country music (try this in southeastern Kansas kids, it's fun!) but it was all good and there was one hell of a sunset.

We make our way to the hotel where we have reservations. Well, guess what? Hotel screwed up the reservations, we have no place to go, and something's up in this little podunk down this weekend because for some reason, every hotel is either at or nearly at capacity. We find our way to a place called the Scottish Inn which, in a twist of irony, is owned by people of Middle Eastern descent. They are nice and give us a room, so we have a place to chill and relax at before the party. I'm learning that all these out of town raves turn into misadventures. If we don't lose our hotel reservations, we get pulled over by the cops, the party gets moved to another city, we get stuck in a scary St. Louis ghetto...something always happens.

The important thing is that it always works out for the best. The party was k-rad. It was only $12 and was the best little party ever! The venue was tiny (I think it was a juice bar during the day), but it had a dance floor which is the important thing. We got there and some nice house was playing so we started to get down. After house DJ #1 came house DJ #2 with some hard house. Can't resist the crunchy stuff. This was all prelude to the real deal, the DJ Spree.

A lot of people hate happy hardcore, but I just don't get it. When Spree plays, the vibe is so thick you have to wade through it. Everyone's out on the floor bouncing their hearts out, singing along, smiling like crazy. Spree himself is just too fucking cute to be real, of all the DJ's I've seen, he is the one who looks most like he's so fucking happy to be up there doing his thing. At the start of the set they were throwing out little beach balls and I caught one. Later, I was up at the front holding it and the cute MC guy saw me and was like, "Do you want that signed?" So I passed it up to him and he got Spree to sign it for me during the set. Spree spun for two solid hours and I didn't sit down once. It rocked my world.

After Spree was done, Kim, Mr. GB, and I went outside (gotta love parties with free re-entry!) for a much needed break from dancing. We were outside listening to a kid from Germany tell us how his babysitter took him to a rave and fed him half a pill when he was nine when baby-girl comes out, all pissed because we 'left him all alone in there.' Listen kid, you're at a rave and you're rolling, there is no such thing as all alone. I'm so glad that I don't have to date gay boys. They're fucking adorable but can be such drama queens. Not wanting to deal with drama, I went back inside to dance. The breakbeats playing inside sounded yummy.

As I was dancing, I saw Spree leaving the little stage area and I told him how much I enjoyed the set. He gave me a hug and told me to enjoy the beach ball. :) Then I saw cute MC guy on the floor and told him thanks and gave him a hug. He was all like, "You looked like you were having such a good time out there..." Oh, I was. I was all gettin' down to the breaks and a guy comes up to me and is all like, "I just had to come talk to you, because you've been going all night. You're incredible." It was so sweet.

I could have stayed and danced forever, but drama-boy wanted to leave so we headed for the door. Cute MC guy stops me and asks for my number. He'll never call me, he lives in St. Louis and all, but it was an ego boost just the same. We headed back to the Scottish Inn for a few hours of shut eye before the long trip back.

Despite the drama, a good time was had by all. :)