So there were two toothbrushes in my toothbrush holder when she came round to stay the night and the question was asked of me.

Fair enough question, I mean I had told her I lived alone and that I wasn't seeing anyone at the moment. I told her the honest truth, that the extra one was there simply because it was an old toothbrush that I hadn't got around to throwing out. Quite often I keep toothbrushes as cleaning implements anyway. They're always useful for getting gunge out of keyboards and things.

She seemed to accept this, but the subject came up a few times. Eventually though, after much sincere convincing on my part, she really did seem to believe me fully.

We drank a while and things were going quite well, a little kissing and a little cuddling. She went to the toilet and that's when I heard the shout

'So who the hell do the tampons belong to'

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