The MBTA is a great subway system. My personal favorite line is the Red Line because of its long cars, smooth, quiet ride, and cleaner, more modern appearance. The LED displays, and the always intelligible automated voice announcing the next stop&are great, too. I also enjoy its connections to MIT, as my cousin is a student there. Although, I wish the Kendall/MIT station were a bit closer. If you're trying to get to Baker House, try getting off at the Hynes/ICA stop on the Green Line.

Recent news, the T fares have just gone up. :( It now costs a whole dollar to ride most of the T lines. I still like it though. However, since I did the initial write-up, I had a chance to ride the DC Metro. Wow. Now there was a nice system. It was definitely way more expensive than the T, but the stations were clean, and they had this nifty flashing light thing that told you when the next train was about to arrive. Also, the stations were much more uniform-looking than those on the T. There was also a nifty ticketing system where you get a little card that has the exact fare you need to get from one place to another. Of course in Boston, you wouldn't need that for the most part, since the fare is the same for all except a few routes.