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Hi! I'm a senior Computer Science major at Gordon College. GardenGnome and SwingKing are friends of mine who also attend Gordon College.

I play the violoncello or cello as it is commonly called here in the United States.

I am a big fan of Linux. I run it in on my PowerPC Macintosh. I also like the Rio 500 and the Handspring Visor, and have successfully hooked them up to my Linux box.

I listen to pretty much any kind of music, except for rap and country, which I detest. I suppose I am also not a big fan of 80's music, although some of it, such as XTC, is pretty good. And TMBG and U2 came from the eighties, and I like them, so I guess they're ok.

I am actually from Mount Vernon, Ohio. You can find out more. about me at

Another thing I'm a fan of is Anime. In particular, I like Serial Experiments Lain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Macross Plus, Perfect Blue, and Slayers.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I'm a Christian. Yes, we're out there. Yes, we're on the net. No, not all of us are ultra-conservative, pulpit-pounding reactionary people who won't watch movies and listen only to Christian music.