I gave an old friend of mine the cold shoulder today, because he deserved it. And being a rather shallow friendship anyways, It's out of mind almost completely.

But what he did.... broke The Rules.

Rule: you don't: date/hook up with/flirt with a friend's ex-girlfriend if you want to remain a friend.

So, he did, broke the rules... oh well

My cold is getting better; no more coughing fits, just a stuffy noze and mild sinus pressure. Beautiful.

Continued work on latest programming assignment throughout much of last evening and think that I might be nearing a major breakthrough. So that's relieving.

I have a 1968 paperback copy of 2001: A Space Odyssey in front of me that is beckoning to be read. What'll it be... 5 times?? 6 times??

My books make up the basis for my perception of reality