it's snowing outside. cold, pretty, and snowing. i love michigan because of its abrupt change in weather.

bought groceries; watched dogma; drank a 40oz of mickeys; coded for three hours.

the comments inside huffmantree.cpp right before bedtime::

449am, saturday morning.
the buildHuffmanTree fxn doesn't work right.
however, the algo. is correct.
deduction yields that something is wrong with the priority queue.
my guess:
inside heapify, when you see if leftchild == rightchild AND they're both smaller than index.
it goes BOOM if there's not an else catching this at the end, so this DOES happen.
what happens then, thougH??????
sleep on it, you got an exciting day ahead of you.
besides that, most of it seems to be working alright. i mean... the algos. are correct.
i suppose an advantage of having an inherent problem with the priorityqueue is that you comb over the huffmantree algorithms very finely.
however, the convertToCharacterArray function needs to be re-written. but you know that.
shouldn't be super duper hard.
454am, saturday morning.

it's cold in here. i need to sleep.

goodnight, moon.