Slept very soundly last night, due perhaps to the one-hour long nap with her from 10 till 11. Then I was up for another half-hour, then doing the ritual of cleaning, and then i was back in bed.

I was deluded by a page from the boss this morning that I would be alone in the office; however, he is here. The rest of the team is gone offsite, playing with a broken server or something.

Despite the good sleep, I am feeling unduly drab. There is nothing bothering me, I am just not getting excited by anything.

I am contradicting a write up that I made earlier today by pounding a coffee in order to feel better. I know it's bad, but I would rather be punch drunk from coffee than sleepy and blah.

I'm attempting to not ritualistically downvote people as often; perhaps it's just that I am having trouble getting enthused enough to exert that type of emotion.

An hour later, the coffee is making me slaphappy, and i am back to being abusive in the Chatterbox and downvoting like mad.

PS: Thanks for the downvote!