posthumous buys new shoes:

yes, well, at lunch break yesterday, took a quick jaunt to the Woodfield Mall and picked up the pair of cool, comfy slip-on clogs that I've been wanting for a month. So now I am the owner of a brand new pair of brown suede Merrell slip-on-comfy shoes. woohoo.

posthumous gets in an argument:

two nights ago on #everything, my attempt at giving kenata advice backfired severely and he ended up getting rather upset... guess that's the last time I'll dispense friendly advice to him.

posthumous has a messy relationship talk:

yes, once again, this whole thing with her is becoming messy; although it's almost over. we're both moving on sunday (coincidentally) so despite having thought that a long distance relationship would work, we're not going to do it. well, I am not going to do it. haven't know each other long enough to be able to survive something that emotionally taxing.

Which sucks, but it will be best in the long run.

posthumous becomes weirded out:

i find it almost unspeakably bizarre to learn that Saige lives less than a block away from me.

however, chances of a real life encounter are slim to none, considering I'm moving from this town on Sunday. Not that I'd want anything to do with that evil, evil, liberal anyways :P

posthumous gets headaches:

tuesday aug 15 2000
	730am: poofs cereal, milk, water
	1145am: chicken burrito, 2 cans coke, asparagus, chips
	6pm: chicken lo mein/milk

	began surfacing round 945am, gradually going in and out... not bad while on way to
	schaumburg for lunch at 1100 but has since gotten worse..
	cooled off for a bit, then got worse around 530ish... pretty bad after movie theatre, 
	pills seemed to help.	
	okay when i went to bed.

	typical workday + some driving around
	went to movie theatre at 630pm

	1 excedrin approx 215pm, intent to take more.
	1 excedrin at 245pm
	2 advil at 945pm
	?? lights/eye strain... ??
	watching movie?

wednesday aug 16 2000
	730am: s'mores pop tart/water
	12pm: meatloaf sandwich, mac & cheese, coke
	7pm: chicken lo mein/milk

	not too bad, felt it around 1030am, but went away after lunch.
	slightly worse after work.

	typical workday

	1 advil around 630pm

	eye strain/stress over her.