Student Rick (or sometimes, Student*Rick) is a emo/pop/punk band with a unique sound, based out of South Bend, Indiana. The members met in July of 1999, and quickly recognized the potential they had.

Band members:

Adam Reiter -- Guitar and Vocals
Brett Jones -- Guitar and Vocals
Jason Pavilanis -- Bass
Zach* Davis - Drums

Their first professionally produced album, releasd October 9th, 2001, is titled "Soundtrack for a Generation"

Song List: (Soundtrack for a Generation)

  1. Monday Morning
  2. Hideaway
  3. Falling For You
  4. Please Forgive Me
  5. I Wish...
  6. A Child's Cry
  7. Meet You Halfway There
  8. Yesterday
  9. South Of Blackford
  10. Through the Window
  11. In The Cold
  12. Midway
  13. October Skies

* CDnow states his name is Jack Davis, but everywhere else gives his name as Zach.