Tsunami is an indie-rock band from Arlington, VA. They haven't played a show or released anything since 1998, but are supposedly still together. Their music isn't really pop, although a couple of their songs might be described as such. Lots of interesting guitar work and vocals courtesy of Jenny Toomey and Kristin Thomson, the founding members of Tsunami (and the only two founders still in the band).

Toomey and Thomson also founded the Simple Machines record label, home of the Mechanic's Guide on how to start a record label. Toomey can often be found these days writing articles for Insound, which is also where the current Mechanic's Guide resides.

Deep End, 1993
The Heart's Tremolo, 1994
World Tour & Other Destinations, 1995
A Brilliant Mistake, 1997
A whole lot of 7" singles and compilation appearances, most of which are out of print, but can be found on the World Tour CD/LP.