This is a a weird one. Well, aren't they all! Apologies for the rambling narrative (almost dream like, one might say).
It starts off, me and my girlfriend were going to take a plane to somewhere, I think Australia. We got to the airport late so we had to rush through the terminal, straight onto the tarmac to the plane. There I realised that since we hadn't checked in, we hadn't handed our bags over and we still had them on our shoulders. Oh dear. Anyway, we get to the gangway(?? is that the right word) and an attendant (not dressed in either the airport uniform or that of the airline) gives us each a ticket stub. We then proceed to "enplane" (who the hell makes up words when there is already a perfectly effective way of saying it already). The only 2 seats left are the ones by themselves next to the windows. It's at this point that I notice that the floor is the same steel plating that they like to use on outdoor walkways. I sit down, strap in, (the buckle is nothing more than a 2 long plastic clips that fit together) and the plane starts to taxi.

My view transfers to the cockpit and I can see out of the windscreen. We are taxiing and we get to the end of the runway, pass some Gendermes and carry on past the end onto what can only be described as a tree bordered C road. We carry on, getting faster and faster since the road is going downhill. We pass a village that looks suspiciously like one of the ones on the Tour de France coverage and proceed to head towards a big drop that marks the beginning of some sort sewer type floodway thingy. The plane goes over the edge, crashes, and we all get out (it wasn't very high, not more than a couple of dozen metres).

I look around and thinking about it now, it resembles a scene from Tomb Raider with the fall over the ledge that means you can't go back up, the green slimy walls that are perfectly vertical and the little tunnel leading to a beach just off to the right. We all go through the tunnel, which we know roughly where it will take us and get to the beach. We take our bearings and head off towards a seaside town. In the town, we have to dodge all sorts of street trams and finally make our way to the station where we all get on a tram and the alarm goes off.