Everything dates are so funky. This is friday - I get to Auburn after driving 4 hours partially through homecoming traffic, partially going 110 on the open road... No ticket, I didn't even see a cop save for one instance where he was driving 70 in a 70 and leading a field of cars. This couldn't be. I couldn't afford to get pulled over due to the substances in my trunk, but I also couldn't afford to be late. After some dodging I got to the front, side to side with the copcar. Going seventy... seventy one... seventy two... sevety-five.

Eventually, the cop was out of sight and I moved back up to 100mph. At sbout seven, I found Jason's doorm, housing him and Chris, the latter was watching the shining. Jason called up Brett and we decided to head over to his place before the Basketball demo. At Brett's we met Jessica and some other kids from high school (Ethan, Roobie, etc.) They chipped in to procure an eigth of KB each, then we went to the demo... it was fairly lame, and we headed out so Chris could buy some cheap cigars. After some more back and fourth and Simpsons episode, we went over to Brett's for good. I was more or less ridiculed for quitting, but didn't let it get to me. An hour or so and a few beers later, it was just Jason, Chris, Jessica and me. After talking of quitting and getting a guilt trip from all of them for not smoking with them, I took one last hit. I felt like complete shit afterwards, going against my commitment, etc so I got fairly smashed. Considerin the situation at hand, that wouldn't have been a waste... but then skimmies started passing through. Jason was clear enough to hold conversations, but I was way past that, forcing me to focus to even make half-intelligent comments. Maybe I'll see them tonight, who knows... Jessica's 200 pound brother came through, Brett obtained a scale and slit up an eight-ball between himself and three friends. We got back in around two and started watching Baseketball before I passed out.

Now it is saturday, the homecoming game is tonight... I know I'm staying sober, still feel like I was hit by a load of bricks from last night.