...faint memory of making out with Andreea (ex-girlfriend, still friends) in her Boston pad... I found myself in a mall that looked much like a casino (lots of blinking lights and lush carpeting.) I had nowhere to go, just time to kill, and was accompanied by Andreea, who had similar ambitions. A high-class local restaurant had moved into the mall, and she insisted that we go and get something to eat. Mentally, I objected, not wanting to pay that much for dinner that night, but we went anyway. The lady seating us said that they were fully booked, and that we would have seats 13a and 14a. When we went around, we found that they were facing a store rack in the shampoo isle. I was taken aback by this oddity, but Andreea wasn't bothered in the least and went to the Wine aisle. When I went around the corner I noticed that I was in the same place as last night when getting off of the monorail.