Out they come, two zorro-like fellows on bare horses, followed by the Matadors, like canaries they dress, they are the shiny center of attention. The others follow, parade around and greet the crowd. The two leaders take center, one horse is brown, one white. A circle is marked by the helpers in their peacock dress; the sand is still yellow, unbroken. Standing by the barricades, they wait.

The Toro gate is opened. The audience falls silent. Out he steps, confused. The aggravate him and Blam the horns hit the solid wood. They dance before him with their mystic cape, he runs, slips, aims for the people. The horsed man is shiny, the horse is blindfolded, as blind as the bull is clueless. The spit tears the flesh, like gigantic tears the blood runs into the now ruddy sand. The bull is still as clueless as the battered horse. How brave he is, atop his armored horse, wielding a twelve-foot pole. He is cheap, digs into the bull, injuring the shoulder muscle. People boo and hiss at him, yet he continues to tear through the flesh.

Now the pokes take stage, with little more skill they evade the bull and stab their spears into him. The bull pisses out of fear and pain, cries out. Three designer imposters wearing 'ladies' behind me laugh. "Moo," they bloke. Idiots. The blood now covers a quarter of the bull, he wets the ground again, blood is thinned by urine. Finally he figures it out and doesn't go after the cape. The poke aggravates the bull, it cries out yet again. The knife is behind the cape and the bull knows it. It's a survival instinct. The bull grows tired, void of life.

At this point, the sword is exposed. If the matador is good, it's a clean stab through the heart. But he is young and inconfident and hits a bone. Bone again. Now he hits something, the sword gets stuck by the spine. The Bull bleeds more, it'll bleed to death before he lands a fatal hit. Normal bullfights last ten minutes; it's been twenty and this is a small bull, certainly no monster. Again he hits a bone, people boo at him. Finally he hits the heart. They should cut his ear off, it's been thirty minutes.